Why do we exist?

We believe in helping modern households through technology.


To See You Safe
and Secure

A secure home, managed anytime, from anywhere.


Upgrading your Lifestyle with Ease

To transform complicated technology into simple, easy-to-use, quality devices for every home.


We Strive to
Elevate Anyone
and Everyone

Technology is not a luxury: every home could be managed anytime, and from anywhere.

We Grow because We Listen

We value our customers and always welcome their feedback.

Hoop believes in helping modern households through technology. We are committed to designing easy-to-use products that support, empower, and assist your busy lifestyle. Our vision is to offer you the ability to manage your home. Anytime. Anywhere.

Our team analyzed standard home security systems currently on the market and realized the “standard” wasn’t good enough. We needed something more, something was missing from the traditional concept of home security. We decided to take that concept and elevate it to the next level. From this, Hoop was born.

Traditional products are great at giving you data – and a lot of it, all the time, causing users to feel burnt out, annoyed, and frustrated. People were turning off the notifications from their security cameras while they were out of the house just to avoid “overnotification”, basically rendering those cameras ineffective.

We created a system with unique modes that allows Hoop to keep you in-the-know without overwhelming you while you’re on-the-go. More than that, we designed our app to work with your phone’s geolocation capabilities to seamlessly switch between Home and Away modes to avoid notifying you to excess while you are at home. We even built reminders into our core product functionality, to keep you and your household notified of important events, whether you’re at home or out and about.

We continue to strive to put the most cutting-edge technology to work for you, and have exciting new developments in the works to accompany future product lines. Soon, you’ll be able to Hoop your whole home, creating an interactive ecosystem of doorbells, outdoor cameras, and more.

We’ve built a team of individuals who continue to impress us with their intelligence and approachability, and possess a dedication to helping you protect what matters most. We look forward to building a better, safer, and more empowered future for households of all shapes and sizes.