Hoop Cam Plus

Sound/Motion Detection, 350° Pan/Tilt, Text to Speech, 2-Way Audio, Reminders, Live View, Smart App

Hoop Cam Plus


Sound/Motion Detection, 350° Pan/Tilt, Text to Speech, 2-Way Audio, Reminders, Live View, Smart App
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Hoop Cam Plus

Meet the Hoop, a clever little helper designed with your needs in mind. We took the standard home security camera and elevated it to a new level, with an easy-to-use mobile app that helps keep you and your family in the loop and on track. With features like motorized motion panning and tracking, real-time communication, relevant notifications, and time-based reminders, Hoop empowers you to manage your home, anytime, anywhere.

What's In The Box?

Hoop Cam Plus

Quick Start Guide

6′ USB cable

Power adapter

Hoop Cam Plus Specifications


Simple setup

Fully integrated Hoop app

1080p full-color live display

Night vision

2-way real-time communication

Motorized 350° panning, 45° tilt

WPA2 security support

Motion- and sound-activated alerts

Alexa™ and Google Home™ compatible

System Requirements

Minimum internet upload speed of 3Mbps/3000Kbps

802.11 a/b/g/n 2.4 GHz/5 GHz wireless connection

For the Hoop Home mobile application

iOS or Android™ device with Bluetooth® compatibility

iOS 8.1 or newer running on iPhone 4s or newer, iPad mini or newer, iPad 3 or newer, iPod touch (5th generation) or newer

Android 4.4 or newer operating system


Download the Hoop app
Available for iPhone and Android

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65 reviews for Hoop Cam Plus

  1. Keshawn Austin

    If you need a security camera inside your house with motion detection, recording, two way audio and notifications, this is the one for you. Constant monitoring with video clips when it senses movements. It’s clear, has night vision, and the sound is good too.

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  2. Eugene Thompson

    I help foster cats for an organization in my town, and I usually have at least 5 cats at home. You know all those funny cat videos? Now I have a stash of them. I have the large camera, which pans around, and I can keep track of what my cats are doing all day. It’s actually hilarious. I can even talk to them through the camera. MEOW!!

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  3. Alessandro Castro

    I have read A LOT of reviews of different camera systems, including full-on security cameras and high-tech options like the Nest. I’m not likely to use something that’s too complicated. I know some of the other cameras out there have more features, but those seem overwhelming and unnecessary.
    I needed one camera to monitor the front door and another one for the back door. I wanted it to tell me when there was movement. That’s it. We placed these inside the house as they are not outdoor cameras.
    I got so much more than I expected. I didn’t think I would use the voice feature, but I’ve been using it a TON. I can speak to my wife when she’s home more easily than picking up the phone to call her. Since I can see when she’s in the room, I know when she will be available to chat.
    Anyway, this camera certainly tells me when there’s movement, and no one can hide from me anymore. It’s really done what I needed it to and it has helped improve my household.

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  4. Francis Mckee

    I have always said I want an intercom system in my house. Now I have one. If I need something from my kids while they’re downstairs, I can just hit speak and tell them what I need. They can talk back to me without pressing any buttons. I just hear and see them in the video. It’s handier than I expected, but I’ll need to exercise more now that I don’t have to run up and down the stairs every time my kids yell “MOM!”

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  5. Alana Walsh

    There are so many gadgets these days that your house could look like something out of a robot/futuristic movie if you got them all. This one isn’t like that—it looks pretty good in my house, if you even notice it. I have it tucked away next to a picture frame so that it’s not very visible, and it’s easy to adjust if I want to turn it or tilt it to get a better view. Besides that, it works well, so I’m happy with my purchase.

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