Hoop Cam Plus

Sound/Motion Detection, 350° Pan/Tilt, Text to Speech, 2-Way Audio, Reminders, Live View, Smart App

Hoop Cam Plus


Sound/Motion Detection, 350° Pan/Tilt, Text to Speech, 2-Way Audio, Reminders, Live View, Smart App
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Hoop Cam Plus

Meet the Hoop, a clever little helper designed with your needs in mind. We took the standard home security camera and elevated it to a new level, with an easy-to-use mobile app that helps keep you and your family in the loop and on track. With features like motorized motion panning and tracking, real-time communication, relevant notifications, and time-based reminders, Hoop empowers you to manage your home, anytime, anywhere.

What's In The Box?

Hoop Cam Plus

Quick Start Guide

6′ USB cable

Power adapter

Hoop Cam Plus Specifications


Simple setup

Fully integrated Hoop app

1080p full-color live display

Night vision

2-way real-time communication

Motorized 350° panning, 45° tilt

WPA2 security support

Motion- and sound-activated alerts

Alexa™ and Google Home™ compatible

System Requirements

Minimum internet upload speed of 3Mbps/3000Kbps

802.11 a/b/g/n 2.4 GHz/5 GHz wireless connection

For the Hoop Home mobile application

iOS or Android™ device with Bluetooth® compatibility

iOS 8.1 or newer running on iPhone 4s or newer, iPad mini or newer, iPad 3 or newer, iPod touch (5th generation) or newer

Android 4.4 or newer operating system


Download the Hoop app
Available for iPhone and Android

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65 reviews for Hoop Cam Plus

  1. Luna Madden

    I am really impressed with the Hoop Home Cam. I can monitor my whole living room with one camera. So glad I can watch my kids.
    The only thing is that I scare them sometime when my voice comes through the camera speaker. The volume is not adjustable, and the sound is loud but it gets their attention.
    I would recommend this camera to mothers who need to see what there kids are doing and talk through the camera. I would think it would also be helpful when you start leaving your kids at home alone once there old enough and for babysitters.
    I would also recommend this to people that need to monitor the inside of their home when there out. I have an outdoor camera but needed an indoor one. Keep an eye on your home and activities.

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  2. Julio Acosta

    Pros: Cost, setup App is easy, video good in the day or night.
    Cons: No hardware to mount it to wall or ceiling *the small cam comes with sticker and magnet, Micro usb
    Took about 10 minutes to download the app and set this thing up. I got instant video on my app, and it was easy to figure out how to use.
    I don’t know why someone would pay some of the higher prices out there for indoor cameras like this one. This has crisp quality video and sound! And you can choose to record, view history, etc.
    I wish I could mount it to the wall or ceiling. It did come with some sticky mounting tape, so I’m going to play with that. It has a little base that the camera sits on, and it attaches with a magnet, so I think it might work. I’m just afraid that it’ll be too heavy. The biggest downfall of this camera, which isn’t a huge deal, is that the cord is only 6 feet. If I decide to mount it on the wall, I need a longer cord.

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  3. Virginia Khan

    OK so you might say I have some conspiracy theories, but I do worry that big brother is watching. My wife wanted to get these cameras, but I didn’t want my whole house recorded all the time. Don’t get me wrong, I am not doing anything that shouldn’t be taped, but I just like to have a little privacy. Don’t want anyone watching me, things like that.
    So I let my wife talk me into it, and we set up two cameras. 1 in our mudroom and another for the playroom.
    Let me tell you—they are awesome. I don’t mind that my kids know I can watch them all the time now.
    And the thing is, I’ve read that you can’t turn the camera off with some of the other brands. Like, you have to unplug them completely.
    This one can be turned off with a push of the button on the app. So if I decide that I want a little more privacy, I can just stop the camera from my phone.

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  4. Jaylen Lara

    There are a few little indoor cameras like this one out there. I researched some of the major brands and settled on this one. I’m glad I did. You can do just about everything with the free app—watch video in real time, record up to 5 days in the cloud and access the history, get notifications when there is movement or sound, set up different user profiles and set reminders.
    The smaller version of this camera doesn’t pan, but so far, it seems to do the trick. The resolution is great, and I can see well day or night. You can make out faces clearly, so you know exactly who comes to your front door. It’s a wide angle view so I can see the closet on one side of the door and the whole space behind the door.
    It seems to have all of the same features as other similar cameras, but what I liked about it is that you get so much from the free service.

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  5. Hamza Mejia

    This is the second camera that I bought.
    I broke the cord on the first one that I had. It was my fault but the cord could be a little stronger.
    I bought a new one after the first one broke. It’s the easiest peace of technology I’ve ever owned. Just plug it in, hook it up to your phone, and voila—you can watch in real time.
    That’s all I really use it for, but I like some of the other features. I feel like I’ll be better about using them as I get used to having this thing in my house.
    • Can talk through it
    • Can record on demand
    • Get notifications with movement or sound
    • Can use multiple cameras at once
    • Can speak and hear the other person speak back to you
    • Can use two-way communication when you’re not home

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