Hoop Cam

Sound/Motion Detection, 130° View Angle, Text to Speech, 2-Way Audio, Reminders, Live View, Smart App

Hoop Cam


Sound/Motion Detection, 130° View Angle, Text to Speech, 2-Way Audio, Reminders, Live View, Smart App
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Hoop Cam

Hoop Cam

Meet the Hoop, a clever little helper designed with your needs in mind. We took the standard home security camera and elevated it to a new level, with an easy-to-use mobile app that helps keep you and your family in the loop and on track. With features like motion tagging, real-time communication, relevant notifications, and time-based reminders, Hoop empowers you to manage your home, anytime, anywhere.

What's In The Box?

Hoop Cam

Quick Start Guide

6′ USB cable

Power adapter

Mounting tape

Hoop Cam Specifications


Simple setup

Fully integrated Hoop app

1080p full-color live display

Night vision

2-way real-time communication

Magnetic base

WPA2 security support

Motion- and sound-activated alerts

Alexa™ and Google Home™ compatible

System Requirements

Minimum internet upload speed of 3Mbps/3000Kbps

802.11 a/b/g/n 2.4 GHz/5 GHz wireless connection

For the Hoop Home mobile application

iOS or Android™ device with Bluetooth® compatibility

iOS 8.1 or newer running on iPhone 4s or newer, iPad mini or newer, iPad 3 or newer, iPod touch (5th generation) or newer

Android 4.4 or newer operating system


Download the Hoop app
Available for iPhone and Android

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62 reviews for Hoop Cam

  1. Reid Bush

    I’m happy that there are more options for affordable indoor security cameras. Hoop Home makes a good product.
    This camera works perfectly with our Wi-Fi. It has doubled as a baby monitor since ours broke. It alerts us to sound and movement, so we know when the baby is crying even when she’s not standing up in her crib.
    I am very happy with the level of storage and history. I think you get about a week of cloud storage for free.
    – Great quality
    – Nice design
    – Small and inconspicuous
    – Responsive, real-time alerts
    – Long power cord (6 feet)
    – Two-way audio
    – Can continuously watch live stream on the app
    – Works with google and echo show but not the ones without screens
    – Power cord input is so recessed that other micro USBs don’t fit into it
    This camera is a good overall indoor security camera/baby monitor. I like that I can watch the live feed continuously or it will alert me to sound/motion if I’m not watching.

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  2. Korbin Haley

    Do you need a way to make sure that your kids don’t come out of their rooms at night? When one of my children was a toddler, he went out to the garage in the middle of the night. If you don’t mind being woken up by an alert, you can set the video camera to notify you when it hears motions. Now that my kids know this, they stay in their rooms all night long.

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  3. Ada Everett

    I’m pretty amazed by this camera. It does what it says. There is not much more to add if you read the description that’s what it does.
    What the description doesn’t mention is their amazing customer service. They reached out to me after I chatted online with them to find out if I wanted to make a free appointment to learn how to use the camera. They also have online chat, and there is actually someone HELPFUL on the other end! I would choose this camera again just because you can talk to an actual human, and Hoop cares about their customers.

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  4. Brenden Hampton

    I got this to use as a security camera, and it works well. It doesn’t do continual recording, but I called the company and they said that was rolling out soon. What I like about this is that when I get a notification, I can just watch live for how long I want. It’s worth it for that reason.

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  5. Charles Maynard

    This hoop home camera is fantastic.
    Connectivity – It connects to the power outlet with a micro usb. The wire is a little short, but it works for me. I have it placed close to the router. There are about 2 walls in between, and I’ve never had a connectivity problem.
    Setup – This device sets up easily using the app. Just download the app and follow the directions. Make sure you have your WiFi name and password handy. You’ll need those, but that’s all you need.
    Image Quality – The image quality on this device is fantastic. It seems to have a wider angle lens then a cell phone does and is really bright and clear. It’s a little fuzzier than a cell phone camera, but it stays clear when you zoom in. You can toggle between SD and HD but I can’t tell the difference between the images. Both are very sharp.
    Smart App – The smart app associated with this device is one of the easiest that I’ve ever used. I’ve actually searched for more features on it just because it seems to simple to be true. But it is. You can’t watch two cameras at once, and I wish that you could, but you really only need to watch one at a time because you usually only get alerts from one camera at a time anyway.
    The app saves your history for a certain amount of time. You can pay more to have access to your history for longer.
    Usability – So far, I’ve used this app to watch my kids in the bonus room, speak to them while they’re playing, set reminders to put something in my purse before I left for work, and talk to my kids from the grocery store when I left them home alone.

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