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Mode Functions

Mode Functions


Geofencing in Home Mode

Hoop automatically switches to the HOME mode, if you have geolocation turned on, when it senses you arriving at the location where your Hoop is set up. You can adjust the types of alerts you want to receive in HOME mode from the settings menu.

Day & Night

Receive minimal alerts in HOME mode during the daytime, and more alerts at night. Customize the start/stop times for “night” from within the Hoop Home app.  



Geofencing in Away Mode

As long as you have geolocation on, Hoop automatically switches to AWAY mode when it senses you leave the location where your Hoop camera is installed. You can adjust the types of alerts you want to receive in AWAY mode from the settings menu.

Moderated Alerts

While in AWAY mode, Hoop will provide you with clustered alerts, rather than sending each alert as it occurs, to avoid overwhelming you with push notifications. Reminders and alarm-based alerts, however, are the exception, and will pop up as soon as they are received.


High Alert  

Activating High Alert Mode

High alert does not automatically activate based on your location—you have to turn this mode on yourself

from the Dashboard. It also won’t automatically turn itself off, so you’ll need to manually deactivate it as well. You cannot adjust the types of alerts

you receive in HIGH ALERT mode.

Every Alert as it Happens

While in HIGH ALERT mode, Hoop will send you push notifications for every event it notices, without clustering. We know that this frequency of notifications can be overwhelming, which is why

HIGH ALERT mode must be manually turned on/off.