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What are some good safety guidelines to follow while using my Hoop?

Your safety is of paramount importance to all of us here at Hoop. We want you to be safe while using your Hoop camera, so we’ve put together some guidelines for you to follow when using and installing your Hoop. Please note that while your camera is in use, it may become warm to the touch. This is normal.

  1. Only use your Hoop camera in the environment for which it is designed. Currently, the Hoop camera is only designed for use indoors. DO NOT PLACE THE HOOP INDOOR CAMERA OUTDOORS. This could result in overheating, electric shock hazard, or possibly a fire hazard.
  2. Keep your Hoop indoor camera out of direct sunlight. Direct sun exposure can cause the camera to overheat, which could result in damage to the camera or a safety hazard.
  3. Do not position your Hoop camera in a location where it will be exposed to excessive amounts of dust, as these can clog the ports and cause other damage or product failures.
  4. Don’t cover your Hoop with anything, or encase it in anything. Restricting the airflow to the Hoop can cause it to overheat. Electronic devices may not be alive, but they still need to “breathe,” and allow air to pass through them that cools the internals.
  5. Be sure that your Hoop is placed in an area that stays within the recommended operating temperatures of 32° F – 104° F (0° C – 40° C). Do not place near a heater or air conditioner, as these could damage your camera or create a safety hazard.
  6. Make sure that your Hoop is positioned away from water and in a location where it will not be exposed to excessive humidity or moisture. Never allow it to become submerged in water. Water can damage your Hoop and creates the risk of an electric shock.
  7. Don’t handle your Hoop indoor camera with wet hands. You could end up getting shocked.
  8. Only use the provided power cable and power adapter with your Hoop indoor camera. The included cable should be a sufficient length for your positioning needs. We cannot guarantee the safety or functionality of third party products, which could fail to work as needed or cause damage to your camera.
  9. Power cables can create a hazard for children or pets who may become tangled in long cords and suffer injuries. Please make sure that your Hoop is positioned in such a way that there are no cords dangling to create a safety hazard. (For additional info, please see this article from our support section about recommended positioning of your Hoop indoor camera.)
  10. Do not allow children or pets to play with the Hoop indoor camera, as they could hurt themselves or damage the camera.
  11. In certain states, it may be unacceptable or illegal for you to record or share guests in your home without their knowledge or consent. Please be aware of your area’s specific laws and obey the requirements set forth by your local legislation.