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How do I troubleshoot a disconnected/offline Hoop Cam/Hoop Cam Plus?

  1. Check that your home or office wireless router and modem are both still plugged in and online.
    1. If you own an all-in-one router/modem, check that the power cable at the back is plugged in securely, and that the actual cable connection is tightened all the way. You’ll also want to check the front of your router/modem to make sure all the correct lights are lit up; if there are lights flashing red or not lit up at all, you’ll need to call your Internet Service provider.
    2. If you own a separate router and modem, repeat the steps above for both of your devices, as well as checking the hardwiring of the modem to the router to be sure the connection is not faulty.
    3. Try accessing the internet from your phone or home/office computer by visiting https://hoophome.com from your internet browser. If you are unable to bring up the Hoop main page, try accessing a different website such as Google, Bing, your favorite puppy’s blog, etc. If you can’t access either website, your internet may be down completely, and you should call your Internet Service Provider for assistance.
  2. If your Hoop camera appears to be online but does not show in your app’s live camera view, try closing out of the application completely.
    1. Log in to the Apple App Store or Google Play Store and check to see if you are currently running the most recent version of the Hoop Home application.
    2. Check your phone’s wireless settings to make sure your smartphone is still connected to the Internet and that Wi-Fi is still enabled.
    3. iPhone users: tap twice on the home button and swipe the app screen upward to force close the application; Android users: tap the “|||” icon to view all currently running windows, and swipe up on the window preview to force close the application.
      Wait ten seconds after doing this, then re-open the Hoop Home application and check to see if your missing camera appears in your live camera view.
    4. Try logging out of your account from the Hoop Home application, and then log back in.
  3. Check that your Hoop camera is still connected to the micro USB cable securely at the base, as well as the power cable’s connection to the wall outlet box. You should see a solid blue light on the LED indicator at the rear of your Hoop camera. There is a key to the light indicators at the rear of your Hoop camera included in your user guide, but for your convenience we’ve made it available online here (Hoop Cam Plus) or here (Hoop Cam).
  4. Restarts make the world go round! Restart your phone and then follow these quick and easy instructions to restart your Hoop camera.
    1. Unplug your Hoop camera, either by disconnecting the USB connector from the wall outlet box, or by disconnecting the micro USB cable from the charging port underneath the base.
    2. Wait approximately 20 seconds, and then reconnect the USB power cable to either the wall outlet box of the HOOP base.
    3. Your Hoop camera will automatically restart.
    4. Use your Hoop Home application to go back through the steps of the setup process, then check to see if the solid blue light has returned.
    5. Alternately, you can restart your camera by going to that specific camera’s live view, tapping the gear icon to enter the settings menu, and then selecting “restart camera” from the options.
  5. Restart your modem/router
    1. Unplug the power cable from your all-in-one modem/router, or unplug the power cables from both devices. Make sure all the lights are off.
    2. Wait 30-60 seconds, and then plug the power cables back in. The process of your modem/router starting back up can sometimes take as long as 5-10 minutes, so wait until all the lights have returned to normal before proceeding. If the lights do not return, you need to call your ISP.
    3. Once all lights are steadily lit, test the Wi-Fi connection by accessing a website from your computer or phone (make sure that your phone is accessing the internet via a wireless network and not cellular data while you test this).
  6. Check the proximity of your Hoop to your router
    1. Because all wireless devices are subject to various types of interference, you should make sure that your Hoop camera is as close to your router as possible while also monitoring the area you want.
    2. If there are multiple walls between the Hoop camera and the router, or the router is on a different level of your house/office building, we highly recommend that you install a wireless repeater or range extender in the same room as the Hoop.
    3. Check the other electronic devices in your household or temporarily relocate them to make sure their signals aren’t interfering with Hoop’s attempts to connect to your router.
  7. Check the speed of your Internet connection for bandwidth issues
    1. Using Wi-Fi®, run an internet speed test on your phone or computer by visiting a site like Speedtest.net
    2. If your upload speed is below 3Mbps, this could be the cause of your issue. If too many devices are using the internet at once, you may not have enough bandwidth available for Hoop to run.
    3. Try unplugging or disconnecting some devices from the Wi-Fi® network, one at a time, and run another Internet speed test as you disconnect each one.
    4. After disconnecting a device and running another speed test, check your connection by opening your Hoop Live View to see if Hoop has reconnected or streaming quality has improved.
    5. Repeat steps c and d until all the devices in your home are disconnected or your Hoop camera streaming quality improves.
    6. If this helps to resolve your issue, you may have to be conscious of other devices taking up your upload speed bandwidth while your Hoop camera is running. Other Hoop cameras, Wi-Fi® enabled doorbells, or streaming/playing video games online can take up massive chunks of your available upload bandwidth, and if you don’t have enough, it can affect Hoop’s performance. If you intend to utilize these services while running Hoop, you may need to upgrade your internet connection so all your devices can share upload speed comfortably.
  8. Check your Hoop’s firmware.
    1. Open your camera’s Settings  by tapping on the settings icon in the top right of the specific Hoop Live View of the camera giving you an issue.
    2. The application will automatically scan your Hoop and our secure Hoop servers to match the current firmware of your camera to the most current firmware available on our server. If your version of the Hoop camera firmware is out of date, you will automatically be prompted to start the update process.