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How do I troubleshoot Wi-Fi® or other connectivity issues?

Please review the requirements for your Hoop’s wireless functionality in order to ensure your Hoop camera will perform at peak efficiency on your home or office’s wireless network.

  1. Make sure your Wi-Fi® password has been entered correctly into your Hoop Home application. When reviewing your Wi-Fi® settings from within the application, the “peek” feature (indicated by an eye icon next to the password box) will allow you view the password you have entered to ensure it has been properly spelled. Do not use your Hoop Home account password in this box, but the password for your Wi-Fi® connection.
  2. For the absolute best performance from your Hoop camera, we recommend placing your Hoop in the same room as your wireless router. If your Hoop is on a different floor than your wireless router, we highly recommend installing a Wi-Fi® repeater/extender somewhere nearby your new Hoop camera to ensure the highest quality performance.
  3. The Hoop requires a minimum upload speed of 3Mbps/3000Kbps. If your upload speed is below 3Mbps, you may experience issues with Hoop streaming smoothly (or at all), and Hoop’s ability to display Events within the application will be severely impaired. Recommended upload speed for optimal performance from your Hoop camera is 4Mbps/4000Kbps.
  4. Your wireless router’s encryption should, by default, be set to AES (WPA2); however, if this has been changed for any reason, please make sure to change it back to AES encryption before proceeding with Hoop installation. If you are using an older router that only supports WEP or WPA security protocols, you will need to upgrade to a router that supports WPA2 for your Hoop to function properly.
  5. If your wireless router has an existing filter or firewall, you will need to permit the Hoop servers to access your Hoop camera through that firewall or filter.
    1. Your firewall settings may already permit Hoop to access the internet, but if they do not, you can try to temporarily lower the settings if they interfere with the connection process. Please make sure you raise the settings back to your preferred level of security after connecting Hoop, as lowered firewall settings can increase your risk of incoming threats on your home or office network.
    2. MAC address filtering: Because every router and every firewall is different, please refer to the specific user manual of your router, or call your Internet Service Provider for help with unblocking/granting access to the Hoop camera using the MAC address (printed on the bottom of the Hoop).