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Meet Hoop, the clever little helper.

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What is Hoop?

Your clever little helper.

Hoop is more than just a security camera: it learns your family’s routines and sends you relevant notifications to help keep your household running on schedule. With the Hoop, we’ve taken the typical home security camera system and elevated it to a new level, while still making it easy to use.


A Day in the Life of Your Family

More than a security camera

Hoop is there to help your family through all hours of the day. Let’s examine a day in the life of a Hoop family to see all the ways it can support, empower, and assist your household with your everyday undertakings.

We achieve that by combining…

Facial Recognition

Hoop learns to identify you and members of your household from your profile photos, and gets smarter from regularly seeing you.

Relevant Notifications

No more interruptions because a leaf floated past a window. Hoop’s notification settings allow you to dictate what you want to be notified about, and when.

Family Routines

Teach Hoop your family’s routines to receive important notifications and reminders as you need them.

Intelligent Reminders

Never forget the recycling again. Set customized reminders and Hoop will notify you at the right moment.

Safety Features

Enjoy all the standard safety features you’ve come to expect from home security cameras, with motion alerts, sound alerts, and more.

Getting Started With Hoop

Voice Control


Works with Echo Show

Ask your Amazon Echo Show to, “Show me the front door,” and it will show you the Hoop live feed of your front door.


Works with Google Assistant

Ask your Google Assistant things like, “Show me the front door,” and Google will show you the Hoop live feed of your front door